Music begins at 4 p.m. and dinner follows at 6 p.m

Steinway Artist Emile Pandolfi is a performing pianist/comedian/recording artist.

  • If you Google him, you’ll find 21,900 entries (at last count).
  • His catalog of 28 CDs have sold nearly three million copies nationally. All were recorded on his own label, MagicMusic, which he started in 1991. He is reportedly the top-selling artist in the alternative (gift and bookstore) market in the US.
  • He has been performing 25-30 shows a year in Performing Arts Centers around the country for the past 15 years. The shows are solo two-hour performances combining his passion for the piano, his love of laughter, and his instant rapport with his audiences. Emile has never met a stranger – and his fans see it when he takes the stage.
  • His shows are so successful presenters have re-booked him as many as eight times, with three or four venue returns the usual.
  • When a comparison is called for, he is most often compared to Victor Borge (although the elegant musical interpretations are not part of the humor). That’s the closest anyone can come to describing Pandolfi’s signature combination of beautiful music and family-friendly sense of humor.
  • If a comparison is called for, most people compare his shows to those of Victor Borge because of his signature combination of friendly humor and elegant interpretations supported by an extraordinary classical technique.
  • For streaming audio, video, recording catalog, and a lot of other information about Emile Pandolfi,
  • visit: www.emilepandolfi.com.

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