March 2012

  • Steinway Artist Emile Pandolfi is a performing pianist/comedian/recording artist.
  • His catalog of 28 CDs have sold nearly three million copies nationally. All were recorded on his own label, MagicMusic, which he started in 1991. He is reportedly the top-selling artist in the alternative (gift and bookstore) market in the US.
  • He has been performing 25-30 shows a year in Performing Arts Centers around the country for the past 15 years. The shows are solo two-hour performances combining his passion for the piano, his love of laughter, and his instant rapport with his audiences. Emile has never met a stranger – and his fans see it when he takes the stage.
  • His shows are so successful presenters have re-booked him as many as eight times, with three or four venue returns the usual.
  • If a comparison is called for, most people compare his shows to those of Victor Borge because of his signature combination of friendly humor and elegant interpretations supported by an extraordinary classical technique.
  • Participants in the Week with Emile in 2010 were asked to rate the week from 1 to 10. One wrote 212 – BOILING!
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Source: Jefferson Post

by Lonnie Adamson, Editor/General Manager

Less is more in the eyes of many of the 300 who attended the Saturday’s River House Winefest.

The annual event hosted by River House Country Inn & Restaurant in Grassy Creek drew slightly more people this year than last according to proceeds at the ticket table.

River House General Manager Sherman Lyle is please with the quantity of the crowd and the quality of their experience from the music to the food to the crafts to the nine North Carolina wineries that showed their wares allowing visitors to taste what the state’s wine industry can produced.

Longtime visitor Howell Pruett is also pleased.

He and wife Becky have attended most of the nine summertime events held under a generation’s old Sycamore tree next to the New River in view of the 19th Century farm house that serves as restaurant and business office to the series of cottages making up the inn.

The Pruetts have seen California’s Sonoma Wine Country and the Virginia wine region. “You could find this sort of thing at any one of the Sonoma or Virginia wineries on any given weekend,” Howell said.”

He has been to North Carolina’s bigger festival, too and likes this better. “This is more relaxed and doesn’t have the shoulder to shoulder crowds. We’ll just come out and enjoy the whole day from noon to 5. The music and food and the wine.”

Diana and Traylor Refro, who live nearby, brought their daughter, Caroline of Charlotte, her friend, Scott Benfield, and Traylor’s sister, Ruth May. They sat under the dining tent enjoying the food a bottle of wine and the sounds of The Martha Bassett Band.


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