“Seamless collaboration meets shameless appropriation. Every Amigos show is at once a lesson in ethnomusicology and a raucous good time — side splitting, foot stompin’ fun!” -Jerry James, Director of Teaching and Learning, The Center for Arts Education

“The Tres Amigos are a fresh and engaging new sound. They make music that is spontaneous, original, and funny, and their ideas and performance skills blend perfectly with their visceral appeal.” -Gerald Busby, composer of film score to Robert Altman’s 3 Women, longtime Chelsea Hotel resident

Fresh off a 14-state, cross-country tour, The Tres Amigos are one of New York City’s hottest folk acts. They present high-energy original music and forgotten gems in bold, acrobatic performances. Behind those matching mariachi shirts are virtuosic musicians and songwriters, delivering the goods in sunny three-part harmony with the vibe of your uncle’s old ‘45’s.

Every Tres Amigos performance careens from bluegrass to blues, from wild-man jazz to honky-tonk, with a “latin tinge,” — a testament to the diverse and interconnected origins of American music.

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