Across the driveway are Rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8 in what we call The Caretaker’s Cottage.  This was the home of Dr. Ballou’s nephew and his family, who cared for the property and for Dr. and Mrs. Ballou who had no children.

Room 5 is in the front of the Caretaker’s Cottage. Originally the living room, dining room and kitchen, it boasts three distinct spaces: living room/library, bedroom and bathroom. (Incidentally, if there are two or three couples, the living room can connect with Room 6 and/or 7.)  Outside, the private porch, complete with swing, looks over the New River.
$175 Sunday-Thursday nights, $195 weekends/holidays

Room 6 is at the back of the Caretaker’s Cottage. Quiet, it looks up the hill toward the barns and you can park right next to the entrance.

$150 Sunday-Thursday nights, $175 weekends/holidays

Room 7 is the upstairs of the Caretaker’s Cottage.It has wood-lined walls that reflect the morning sun. Original watercolors, pen and ink drawings, and prints. Downstairs there is a long porch with views of the mountains, the river – and the other buildings.
$150 Sunday-Thursday nights, $175 weekends/holidays

Room 8 is a “suite” on the garden level. Spacious living room with prints of a terrific woodcut in four colors. Additional small private room, nice and dark, with a double bed.  Low ceiling. (Those over 6’1” need not apply.)
$175 Sunday-Thursday nights, $195 weekends/holidays

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