sashaSasha Papernik is a songwriter, singer, and conservatory-trained pianist who can sneak a lightning-speed run of notes into a ballad about life that you will probably recognize as your own. And her crew will match her note for note—men from the five boroughs, exiles from the 50 states, who come for the music. Who, perhaps, live for the music.

Sasha started the band in 2008, drawing these dedicated musicians into her world on the hooks of songs. Since then the band’s sound has evolved into the unique palette heard on this album. And it will keep evolving as long as there are untried ways to mix the colors on that palette. This project represents a labor of love for the band, an album dedicated to the spirit of musical communication, collaboration, and pushing the boundaries.

Call it Art Pop. Or just call it Art.

Sunday Salons at the River House Inn on the New River are patterned on the famous international “salons” of the past; featuring musical and theatrical performances, poetry readings, book signings, art displays and literary and historical discussions, followed by dinner. If you can’t make dinner, you’re welcome to stop by for the entertainment in the North Carolina mountains and a libation with hors d’oeuvre! But please call to reserve.

The Sunday Salons begin at 4:00 PM; hors d’oeuvre at 5:00 PM; more music and a four-course chef’s choice menu is served at 6:00 PM. $15 for entertainment and hors d’oeuvre, $45 for entertainment, hors d’oeuvre, and dinner.

To learn more, visit: http://www.sashatheband.com

For more info visit: http://riverhousenc.com

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